is a site for San Diegans in the North County area.
I hope to see you "skate" the Local Businesses

Thank you for being kind to us Bike guyz:D . We are helping pollution reduction, oil/petro useage and generally making more space on the roads. Please SHARE the roads with us. Not all of us our assholes. Take the time to check blindspots and always use your mirrors to know what's behind you as well as what is about to happen at any moment. It's not only us bikes, it's other cars too. If I piss you off for some odd reason, feel free to email me.

If you think split laning is taking cuts in line, please change your thinking. We are using less of the road's resources and having 2 wheels allows us to take advantage of a legal process that allows bikes to help relieve traffic congestion. Harleys, Jap bikes(both cruisers and butttrockets), Little Indian, Ducati, Beemers, etc. We believe we can share the roads with most cagers.